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What colors do I need to paint along with Bob?

I get asked this question frequently so I thought I would provide some insight today.

Bob did 403 episodes of the “Joy of Painting”™️. Over those episodes he used a small set of thick, specially formulated, oils for his wet-on-wet method.

There are 14 colors in the Landscape line of paints today. Here is a table listing the colors ranked by the frequency of use across those 403 episodes

COLOR # of paintings used

Titanium White 400

Alizarin Crimson 380

Van Dyke Brown. 371

Cadmium Yellow 346

Yellow Ochre 327

Phthalo Blue 323

Bright Red 321

Midnight Black 317

Sap Green 306

Indian Yellow 292

Dark Sienna 290

Prussian Blue 263

Phthalo Green 116

Mt. Mix * see note below

He also used these colors but they are not part of the line today.

Burnt Umber 55

Indian Red 1

Mountain Mix has been added to the line and is a mixture of Phthalo Green(PG-7), Alizarine Crimson(PR-83), Prussian Blue(PB-27), and Brown Iron Oxide(PBr-7). This is the color Bob would mix for the dark underpainting of mountains and dark foliage. Now you can buy it already mixed.

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