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The Best of the Joy of Painting book is 256 pages and contains 60 of Bob's favorite painting projects. The book consists of an Introduction that describes the painting supplies and how they are used, a Letter To The Artist from Annette Kowalski, and step-by-step how-to photos. Also included is a Biography of the artist, Bob Ross. The Best of the Joy of Painting: 1. Golden Knoll, 2. Mountain Reflections, 3. Secluded Lake, 4. Secluded Beach, 5. Mountain River, 6. Country Cabin, 7. Mountain Splendor, 8. Daisy Delight, 9. Golden Sunset, 10. Peaceful Haven, 11. Winter Oval, 12. The Old Mill, 13. Mountain Stream, 14. Warm Winter Day, 15. Dock Scene, 16. Emerald Waters, 17. Oval Essence, 18. Winter Hideaway, 19. Arctic Beauty, 20. Cabin At Sunset, 21. Hidden Creek, 22. Sunset Oval, 23. Winter Solitude, 24. Hidden Stream, 25. Misty Forest Oval, 26. Barn At Sunset, 27. Evening Waterfall, 28. Shades Of Grey, 29. Blue River, 30. Mountain Hide-Away, 31. Happy Accident, 32. Lonely Retreat, 33. A Walk In The Woods, 34. Quiet Inlet, 35. Majestic Pine, 36. Towering Glacier, 37. Night Light, 38. Winter Mountain, 39. Wetlands, 40. Roadside Barn, 41. Soft Mountain Glow, 42. Cabin In The Woods, 43. Mountain At Sunset, 44. Covered Bridge, 45. Quiet Woods, 46. Mountain Oval (Steve Ross), 47. Black Seascape, 48. Purple Splendor, 49. Mountain Cabin, 50. Winter Mist, 51. Mountain Challenge, 52. Dark Waterfall, 53. Northern Lights, 54. Winter Cabin, 55. Mountain Glory, 56. Bright Autumn Trees, 57. Oval Barn, 58. Majestic Mountains, 59. High Chateau, 60. Mountain-By-The-Sea

Best of Joy of Painting

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