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The Joy of Painting with Nic Hankins Series 32 Book

In 1994, Bob Ross started preparing paintings for his next Joy of Painting Series 32, but sadly passed away before he could take them into the studio. Now Bob’s charismatic Certified Teacher Trainer and YouTube phenom Nicholas Hankins, having studied these last paintings of Bob’s for years, brings the beautiful, never-before-seen masterpieces for the world to see. Nicholas remains ferociously loyal to Bob’s world-famous painting technique and presents the unseen series in a way that would make Bob Ross incredibly proud.


1   Misty Mountain Morning -- Enjoy the view while Nicholas Hankins paints a sleepy, slow moving mountain river as it winds around towering evergreens in the valley; a real Bob Ross classic!

2   Storm's Arrival -- Nicholas Hankins paints an evening thunderstorm that calls back to Bob Ross's final episode of The Joy of Painting for inspiration; a dazzling sunset framed by dark clouds and trees. 

3   Moonlit Serenade -- Nicholas Hankins paints a gnarled old tree adorned with Spanish moss as it stands sentinel over a moonlit stream in this moody Bob Ross landscape. 

4   Trapper's Retreat -- Towering Bob Ross mountains and a frosty moonlit landscape are the setting of Nicholas Hankins old trapper's cabin on the banks of an icy, winding river. 

5   September Song -- Nicholas Hankins makes sure the chill of autumn is felt creeping in on the banks of a winding creek in this foggy, early morning Bob Ross landscape. 

6   Midnight Breaker -- The glow of a midnight moon yields brilliant jewel tones in the surging surf of this dramatic Bob Ross seascape, painted masterfully by Nicholas Hankins today.

7   Woodland Peace -- The warmth of the morning sun illuminates this inviting Bob Ross styled woodland scene, replete with tall fir trees and a sun dappled path. Nicholas Hankins shows us how.

8   Alpine Meadow -- Spring has sprung in the crisp mountain air of this alpine meadow. Paint along with Nicholas Hankins as we explore an expansive view of a Bob Ross snowcapped mountain. 

9   Galaxy Grandeur -- The colorful Milky Way is the backdrop for striking silhouettes of happy little Bob Ross trees in this night scene, spectacularly crafted by Nicholas Hankins.

10   Silver Falls -- The soothing sounds of a cascading waterfall come to mind in this charming Bob Ross landscape -- directly out of the pacific northwest, and from Nicholas Hankins’ brushes.

11   Lakeside Sunset -- The final embers of the day provide a spectacular palette of blazing colors in the sky; Nicholas Hankins shows you how to create this peaceful lakeside landscape. 

12   Pacific Coastline -- Ancient rocks, lapping waves and a serene beach are the perfect setting for a flock of seagulls to hunt for their lunch. Paint this fantastic seaside scene along with Nicholas Hankins!

13   Independence Day -- Lush foliage, bright billowy clouds and the cool clear waters of a lazy stream; Nicholas Hankins recalls memories of summers past in this scene originally painted on July 4, 1995.

The Joy of Painting with Nic Hankins Series 32 Book

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