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April Classes are posted

Join us while seats are available to paint one or several paintings in our April classes at the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati Cultural Center. 3-hr $55 and 5-hr $65.

April 1st - 5hrs starting 2pm - "Mountain Summit" Season 13 Episode 10. Great beginner painting where you experience the key techniques - Simple clouds, snow covered mountains, water, and evergreens


April 22nd - 3hr beginning at 2pm - Fun beginner painting with just the 'ghost' of a mountain in the distance, some evergreens, and spring flowers.


April 23rd - 5hr beginning at 1pm - "Spring Meadow" - intermediate painting with another very distant mountain, clouds, evergreens, winding stream with reflections, and quiet meadow of flowers.

Come join us in a great classroom for some fun classes.



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