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Bob Ross classes for kids.

Every year around this time I get requests from parents and grandparents about the availability of classes for youth. My group classes are oil paintings and we use odorless thinner so we limit these to 14 years and older. However, I wanted to write a blog about the options available for younger painters.

  1. Earlier today I wrote in another blog about the new Bob Ross painting kit for Kids. It is a complete kit designed around acrylic water-based paints and contains everything you need for a do-it-yourself experience. Check out that blog for links to YouTube videos of the step by step for creating those paintings. These kits are available on this website at -

2. I do private classes at your location or my studio at the Women's Art Club Cultural Center in Mariemont, Ohio. We have oil paintings specifically designed for younger painters and can complete these without exposure to thinner. For private classes, the cost is the same per painter as group classes ( today it is $55 for a three hour class) with a minimum charge for a private class of $165. Three people can paint for that minimum, with at least one being an adult.

3. Each year, in June or July, the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati has an art summercamp. We offer youth Bob Ross classes as part of that camp. Due to the use of thinner, the Art Club sets the age for those classes as 'junior high' and older. Stay in touch with the club at for more info and registration.

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