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How do I find an index of all Bob’s paintings he did on TV?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

People ask all the time “Is there a list or index of all the episodes of “Joy of Painting™️“. First, once you know the name of the episode or the season and episode number you can find every episode on YouTube.

There are several ways to find what you are looking for. 1. On Yes You Can Paint you can find a printable pdf that has name, season, episode, and which compilation book or books contain that painting. You will also find the sequence within that compilation book, because they do not have a table of contents or index in the book. The compilation books have printed instructions for painting along with Bob. You will find the pdf here.

2. Two Inch Brush has each episode linked with a visual index at You will find that they have expanded beyond just Bob Ross with many other types of paintings, but they are still a pretty robust search engine where you can just search for a word like “mountain” and you will see all the episodes with mountain in the name.

They have a picture, name, season, and episode number for all 403 paintings.

Keep on painting!


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