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Steve Ross

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

What is Steve up to these days? I had the privilege of painting with Steve and Dana recently.

In this picture they are holding a painting, that I own, from the early 1990’s. They each painted two of the images on this canvas and used it as part of the training of new Certified Bob Ross instructors.

They relayed an interesting story about the painting. Steve was supposed to paint the two mountain images, but he never liked to paint mountains unless with the knife. The bottom left image is a mountain painted with a fan brush. Dana shared that Steve wouldn’t do it so Dana painted the two bottom images and Steve painted the two top images.

They used this canvas during training on the west coast and taught future instructors how to paint each of these.

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What paint products does Steve use so I can purchase without using any BRI products.


The Kowalski couple will be harshly dealt with in the end by the Almighty. Satin took them over for sure. Be proud of yourself Steve and keep your dad and his wonderful memories tucked in your heart. Listen to his voice and let him and God guide you. Continue to help others with your wonderful gift. Blessings to you and Dana.


Steve, I sure hope you can see and read all these comments about your Father and you! So, many, many, people loved your Dad, and love you! I to watched the documentary, it made me sick to my stomach, when I saw that your Dad and you were so taken advantage of. I want to buy Bob Ross paints and brushes because I always thought they were the best prduct to have because of your Dad and his honesty. But Steve, I won't because I don't want to give a penny to those horrible people. God, will judge them in the end, please just go forward and keep enjoying your "Joy of Painting" because that's what your Dad would wa…


Gia S
Gia S
May 19, 2022

Just watched on Netflix how Steve Ross got screwed from the Kowalski's! How sad and how greedy ppl can be. Real scumbags! I hope Steve and Dana are doing well. God bless them.


What I would like to see the authorities open an investigation on the death of Bob Ross and his wife. At least do a toxicology test on the remains.

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