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Steve Ross Painting Sold

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Another "training" painting done by Steve Ross and Dana Jester sold this month on EBay from an estate in Michigan. It went for $600.00.

Steve and Dana used to travel through the Midwest and the West training Certified Ross Instructors (CRI's). This one was used in a class in the Midwest and was previously owned by a CRI in Michigan.

They would use this to demonstrate several ways to create something. In this case there are 4 different types of sky, clouds and mountains. No foreground, just the items they were teaching.

Here is another example that I previously posted with Dana and Steve holding it in 2021.

Here is one I painted to use in a Junior High Summercamp this summer(2023) at the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati Cultural Center.

Keep painting!


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