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Update on Netflix Documentary and Steve

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

With the Netflix documentary that was released this week, I have had several requests for info on how to contact or follow Steve Ross on social media.

Steve is a very private person who, as shown in the documentary, has struggled with his fathers death, with betrayal by those who should have been supporting him, and with greed and inappropriate action from some towards him and Bob’s family.

There are several gofundme efforts that have popped up. NONE of these are connected to or authorized by Steve at this time. Be careful. We don’t want more greedy exploitation in the name of helping him.

Steve is teaching and has classes scheduled in Winchester, Indiana in late October, but these are full at this time.

For those who want to support him and Dana Jester by taking a class or buying paintings, another Certified instructor has set up a private Facebook page where future classes are posted. “Steve Ross and Dana Jester Workshop Fans”

Finally, to those of you who are as repulsed by the Behavior of the Bob Ross Co. toward Bob’s family, remember Certified Ross Instructors aren’t the bad guys here. All of us spent money and time to get certified and are dedicated to continuing in Bob’s vision of sharing the Joy of painting with the world. Most of us already use many tools, some paints, and some compositions that are in no way connected to the Bob Ross Co. along with the ones that are associated

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